Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ouch I have got plantar fasciitis what to do?

I have been in agonizing pain for quite a while and after browsing one of my favorite websites I realized what I had.. plantar fasciitis! OUCH! It is a inflammation condition that is developed when you always on your feet or from over use from sport I do both.. so it is easy to see why I got it. Anyway I have been reading that blog post on that link and have jotted down a few of the tips that they have suggested which hopeful will help me out well I hope anyway. What you meant to do is make sure you do not further inflame the plantar fascia.. (I think I am spelling these medical terms right... please remeber that english isnt my first language at all :O). To keep pressure and strain off the plantar fascia and form causing anymore problems you can wear special insoles for plantar fasciitis which will help with recovery so much because nobody can just stay off their feet for months on end not putting any weight on their feet that's just unrealistic. 

So that one thing I gotta buy myself.. what else I need to do is also wear them when I am fully recovered as well because that partly the problem as the planta fascia is a stretched piece of tissue that supports your arch and can become easily inflammed under the stress causewd by running and jumping and any sudden movement really found in sport having a good pair of insoles to help better support the arch and reduce the chances of the arch getting inflammed like this is something I will have to do......

I think that there are exercises that you can do to help strengthen the plantar fascia and make it more resistant to shocks and inflammation but I am yet to look into any of them at the moemtn... but I guess me just sitting around watching daytime tv it wont be long till I get bored and start doing these things.. might as well.

I am really annoyed that I have got this condition especially when I am just seeing all my friends go out and play football and there me unable to do anything.

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