Thursday, 27 February 2014

American football rules!

I may not be American but I sure do like watching American football. I first started watching it after watching a UFL game on tv... I was just scanning through the channels bored didn't know what to watch then I found this match being played... I was like hmmm I wonder if American football is as good as the Americans say it is and to my surprise it actually is rather good. I am from Brazil so all us Brazilians ever talk about and play is soccer football... American football is a far-cry away from traditional soccer football let me tell you its so much more violent and action packed. This first game I watched a couple years ago go me hooked! So now I am always following the NFL unfortunately the UFL packed in which is kind of a shame... leaving just the NFL which in my opinion is a little bit to capitalist for my liking with adverts just about everywhere non stop which kind of wrecks things especially when you are used to watching a soccer game where its non stop 45 minutes without ads! anyway if you dont know the rules its pretty quick to pick up.. even though it is a rather complex game... I say I am liking American football more than soccer at the moment but if I had to choose one to play with my friends id say I would still pick soccer as nobody likes getting hurt and American football can get a little fragmented and hard to keep up and doesn't flow great if non of your friends know how to play which is largely the case here in Brazil it is like a alien game... whereas everyone knows how to play soccer that is!

I dont acutally know if there are any Brazilian American football teams.. I highly doubt it but who knows! The 2013-2014 season was really great if you didnt see it.. the superbowl against the seahawks and the bronocs two giant sides was a real good game too... and the seahawks were the unexpected winners beating the broncos who seemed to dominate the whole season.

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